Are you tired of feeling sick and unwell? Do you want to learn evidence-based strategies to help you reach optimal health? Our Evidence-Based Public Health Class is here to help! In this class, you’ll learn about the relationship between food and health, and how to make informed choices that will support your overall well-being. Don’t let food make you sick – register for our class today and take the first step towards reclaiming your wellness.

Here are the top reasons why you should attend this masterclass:

  • Want to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or A1C with a plant-based diet?  Would you even like to lose some weight without dieting or portion control?
  • Plus you’ll understand what foods to eat more of to improve your health, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, and A1C.  
  • And I’ll share the most common mistakes I see people make on a plant-based diet that holds them back from their best health & weight.

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